Our Camera Bag 2020

Our Camera Bag 2020

One of the great things about videography is the ever evolving technology in both cameras and accessories. They have been advancing at a pace previously unseen over the last year or so. We have busy upgrading the gear in our camera bag over the last year, using some of the latest and greatest technology. Below you can find the pick of some of our favourite pieces of gear that have been our daily drivers over the last few months.


Canon 1DX Mk II

We love the 1DX Mark II, this is a camera thats been around the block a few times and comes with us on every shoot. The powerful specs of this camera have stood the test of time and still holds up, in many cases beating cameras that have been released in the last year. And who doesn’t love those out-of-camera Canon colours?!


Pair this up with the next item and you get a killer cinematic combination which gives us so many options when we are on set.


Ronin S

The Ronin S is a must have for anyone looking to produce those cinematic, rock-steady shots. This can handle the 1DX Mk II, even with some of the heavier lens’ in our bag that we throw on it, with ease.


If you are looking at getting in to Videography and can only buy 1 accessory to pair with your camera and lens, then this is a great option to work with any DSLR.


Rode Video Mic Pro Plus

This mic has been a life saver on many shoots, its a versatile high-quality microphone, great for run-and-gun setups and can equally be used in a corporate setting as well.


Pair this with a boom pole and a trusty c-stand and this mic can hold its own in corporate interviews. The on-mic controls give you greater control over the audio input on your videos. But as always always remember to charge this before a shoot and where you can always run a backup audio line (it can save your bacon!!).


Neewer Camera Slider

This is a recent addition to our arsenal to get those tricky repeatable and smooth shots. We’ve picked this up to add some more movement to our interviews as well as getting those fluid product shots when shooting our clients fantastic products.


We purchased the motorised version of this slider and cannot recommend it highly enough! The wireless remote allows you to program the in & out points and the motor really is nice and quite and for the price point you can’t beat it!

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