Creating in Isolation

Creating in Isolation

One thing that the last 3 weeks has taught me, is that staying creative when you’re stuck indoors and the world is going into meltdown is a tricky feat. But the good news is, is that if you clear your head from all of the noise and negativity and turn your attention to what you CAN do rather than what you can’t, it allows you to open up those creative channels once again!


Before we got locked down I visited a local brewery in Surrey, the Hogs Back Brewery Co, and picked up a range of their products. Their branding is great and really stands out! I’ve had these bottles sat at home for a few weeks so this weekend just gone, I decided to flex those creative muscles, break out the camera gear in my lounge and get to work!


We created a mock up product promo video using 3 of their beers including their flagship TEA (which is delicious). All of this was accomplished using the camera gear I have at home and my breakfast bar! Can’t wait until we can get back in the studio and do some other cool stuff with product promos.


Hopefully if you’re struggling to feel creative in these tough times, this can provide that little spark you needed to think outside the box and start creating in your home as well!


If you want to check out the Hogs Back Brewery, you can do so on their website:


Hopefully we can partner up with them for some future collaborations very soon!


Stay safe out there and keep creating!

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