Canon 1DX Mark III – The worlds most powerful DSLR

Canon 1DX Mark III – The worlds most powerful DSLR

Mirrorless meets DSLR, Canon has been teasing this camera for quite some time and today is finally the day that Canon uncage the beast and show the world the brand new Canon 1DX Mark III.


DSLR’s may have a slight whiff of ‘old-school’ about them with the advent of Mirrorless cameras over the last few years, but the new Canon 1DX Mark III has just shown that DSLR’s can still be cutting edge even in a Mirrorless world.

Canon have once again taken their time to bring out their the next model to supersede the Canon 1DX Mark II which was originally released all the way back in 2016. This is a hallmark of Canon, generally arriving a bit later to the market, but with a camera that actually works and is rock solid out of the box.


Whats under the hood?


They’ve kept the 20.1MP full-frame sensor, but they’ve paired this with some serious brain power by introducing the new Digic X processor to the camera. Viewfinder Autofocus is also getting an upgrade with a new AF (Autofocus) sensor. They also promise for the professional photographers out there that the Canon 1DX Mark III offers 20fps burst shooting speed.


What memory does it take I hear you asking? Well no surprises here, they’ve paired their most expensive DSLR camera with one of the most expensive forms of storage for it, in the shape of CFExpress cards. These are lightening fast – up to 1.8gb per second speeds on tap – which is a good thing given the Canon 1DX Mark III is jam packed full of memory eating features.


(Image Credit: Canon)



In an ever changing and competitive world, Canon has always been leading the way in Auto Focus with its Dual Pixel autofocus system the go-to camera system of a lot of online creators and film makers for this reason above all others. However other camera manufacturers have come along way in recent years, which in turn has meant Canon has had to up their game.


In the Canon 1DX Mark III they are introducing something called ‘Deep Learning’ autofocus. This upgraded system leaves the face-detection world behind and utilises a database of images to automatically build an algorithm that allows the 1DX Mark III to focus on human subjects that the camera is pointed at, even in quick action or sports scenes.


This is where the new Digic X processor comes in to its own as the Canon 1DX Mark III uses its power alongside this external Canon database of images to bring this ‘Deep Learning’ autofocus to the camera. Although currently it looks like this is the only model of the current crop of Canon DSLR’s to receive this new generation of autofocus.


Other Features to note


Whilst there are a hoard of features we could talk about below we take a look at some of the most exciting & disappointing ones (in our humble opinion).


4k Video at 60fps – I can hear all of the Videographers screaming with excitement, we’ve been waiting for this to come to Canon DSLR’s for a while and the Canon 1DX Mark III doesn’t disappoint.


RAW Video & 10 Bit Colour – using the full frame of the camera, another feature for the Videographers, one that the colourists especially will appreciate. Allowing for a lot more to be done in the editing room after a footage has been shot.


IBIS – Unfortunately there is still no in-body-image-stabilisation which was one of the many rumours that was flying around the Internet in anticipation of this launch. They will continue to rely on the pretty decent stabilisation provided by a lot of the Canon lenses.




So, before you go raiding the piggy bank, I would ask yourself; is this a camera I need? Will I get the best out of it as a Videographer or Photographer? If the answer to those questions is no, I would potentially look elsewhere in the Canon range and work your way up to the Canon 1DX Mark III. If the answer to those questions is YES then the 1DX Mark III will be available from the end of February 2020 for roughly £6,449.99 in the UK or about $8,507 (US). We will pop a link on this page once it is released so you can bag yours as soon as they are available to purchase.


Happy Videoing / Snapping.


The One Stop Websites team.


(Image Credits: Canon)


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