Adobe CC 2020 – Update?

Adobe CC 2020 – Update?

If you are like us then you’re always interested to see what Adobe are going to put together for their yearly update to their flagship Adobe Creative Cloud suite. And 2020 is no different, Adobe look to be in the festive spirit with their tag line that accompanies the release: “Creativity for All”.


The stand out feature from the scrawl of release notes is that Adobe have released Photoshop for iPad, which promises to bring the power of the desktop Photoshop suite to the powerful iPad tablets. Along with this was a cheeky announcement that they will also be releasing Illustrator for iPad at some point in 2020.


One thing that you should be aware of if you are looking to subscribe to Adobe CC for the first time or have always used Adobe software is that the system requirements for the software have changed. The last thing you want do is download all the updates to find out that it doesn’t work properly on your computer. So be sure to read the fine print to ensure you’re machine can handle the requirements.


Overall it seems that this update is a departure from previous yearly updates, focusing more on stability and improving the current functionality of the apps, rather than adding a wheel-barrow load of new features. I think this is a good move from Adobe, as the pile of new features that has been a hallmark of prior updates, has often been ‘half-baked’ and had lots of bugs. Whilst this new version will inevitably have some bugs, Adobe normally move swiftly to patch them.


We are excited to see the projects that we can fulfil for our clients in 2020 using the Adobe Creative Cloud 2020 suite. Keep an eye on our work and our social media to see those projects as they come out.


Happy New Year from the OSW Team!

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